NCERT Solutions for Class 9th:The Snake Trying (Beehive)

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th:The Snake Trying (Beehive)


William Wrightson Eustace Rose Was a Canadian Geophysicist And Poet He Was The First Published Poet In Canada To Write Imagist Poetry, And Later The First To Write Surrealist Verse, Both Of Which Have Led Some To Call Him “The First Modern Canadian Poet”

→BORN: 14 June 1894, Peterborough, Canada

→DIED:  26 August 1966, Toronto, Canada

→ALBUMS: Six Toronto Poets.

→SONGS: Gerard De Nerval
                   The Walk
                   White Water Lilly


1. Escape--Hide
2. Pursuing—Following
3. Curving—Twisting
4. Graceful—Grand, Majestic
5. Glide—Movie Along Smoothly
6. Stroke—Attack
7. Reeds—Water Plants
8. Hurt—Damage
9. Harmless—Without Any Damage
10. Observed—Watched
11. Vanishes—Disappears
12. Ripples—Small Movement On The Surface Of Water


1. What Is The Snake Trying To Escape From?

ANS-The Snake Was Trying To Escape From The Stick Of a Man Who Was About To Hit It.

2. Is It a Harmful Snake? What Is It Colour?

ANS-It Was a Beautiful Snake. It Was Not Harmful. Its Colour Was Green.

3. The Poet Finds The Snake Beautiful. Find The Words He Uses To Convey Its Beauy.

ANS-The Poet Says That The Snake Was Beautiful. He Uses The Words-Beautiful, Graceful, Small, Green, Harmless, Etc To Convey Its Beauty.

4. What Does The Poet Wish For The Snake?

ANS-The Poet Wishes That The Snake Should Not Be Kiled.

5. Where Was The Snake Before Anyone Saw It And Chased It Away? Where Does The Snake Disapper?

ANS-The Snake Was Lying Over The Sand Before It Was Observed And Chased Away He Escaped And Disappeared In The Ripples Among The Reeds.

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