Independence Day Speech | Independence Day Speech 2019 | 15 August Speech

Independence Day Speech | Independence Day Speech 2019| 15 August Speech

Here is the Independence Day Speech In English for the children studying in school and college. 15 august means "independence day" of our country, on this day our country was free from the oppression of the British. On August 15, we consider it a golden day and celebrate it with great fanfare. On this occasion of independence, children have to speak in schools. That is why the speech is given here on Independence Day. Whom students can speak in school
Independence day speech

Friends, only two national festivals are celebrated in India. One is 26 January i.e. republican day and the other is 15 August i.e. independence day. This is the biggest thing. That, we celebrate both festivals with great respect, respect, enthusiasm and happiness. But children should know about the importance of this day. Therefore speech program is organized in school, school and college. So let's not start the speech and start the speech on August 15.


Independence Day Speech In English

Respected head position present here, venerable teacher who shed the Ganges of knowledge and my dear friends! Greetings to all of you. Why are we gathered here and present? There is no need to tell this to anyone. But still I would like to say. Today we have come here to celebrate Independence Day. That is why first of all, wish you a very happy Independence Day!

Today I am going to tell a few words to friends on this happy occasion. I hope you will listen to it very calmly.

Congratulations to you wholeheartedly,
Let us remember the moments of freedom today; (2)
The brave soldiers who were martyred for the country of India,
Let's salute his passion and valor today.

Shayari on 15 August - Independence day shayari in Hindi
Friends, India was formerly known as the Golden Bird. Many countries have come to India to do business in our India. Such as Portuguese, Dutch, German and English. But, seeing the wealth and prosperity of this place, the British got lured; And he slowly began to establish his feet in Hindustan. My countrymen also considered the guest as the form of God. Thinking this, our ancestors had sheltered them.

We sheltered them, because they were our guests,
(2) Who knew that he was as a businessman.

Gradually, the British started deceit and treason. They met the kings of each region and started luring them. He started saying to them "Mr. Our army is with you, we will win you so much territory, just you join us in harmony. ”Greedily, the British fought with each other and worked to destroy the unity of India. Then weakened after a few days, he started running spades on India.

Made our countrymen a slave in our own country. Various kinds of atrocities were committed on them and they committed very inhuman oppression. Their atrocities were increasing. Everyone started running their spades in the area. The farmers here started forcibly cultivating Afu, indigo and spices. Used to treat our enemies like animals and animals. Fodder collection from our farmers and started collecting maximum taxes. Here the farmers of India used to pay them tax and go to bed hungry and they used to take this sari property to England and develop their country. Unfortunately reading is saying. Those firangi ruled our country for about 150 years.
Their atrocities were not acceptable to some youth and leaders. He was determined to raise his voice against these firangi. Many freedom fighters sacrificed themselves to free India from the oppression of the British. They did not think that if I raise the sword and the hand, then I will lose my life. His aim was to free his country from the British. These include Jawaharlal Nehru, Swatantryavir Savarkar, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagatsingh, Rani Laxmibai, Lal Lajpat Rai, Sukhdev, Lokmanya Tek, etc. Names of great men come. Those today are known as freedom fighters.

These great men were from different states, different religions. But everyone's goal was the same. Everyone had their own way of fighting against the British. Like Bhagatsingh and Chandrashekhar Azad broke down aggressively on Ingrojo. So on the other hand, Mahatma Gandhi had aggressively kept Satyagraha and agitation in the eyes of Ingro. With this, Mahatma Gandhi ji gave this message to the whole world, that without fighting and blood can also be taken away.

Subhash Chandra Bose collected the youth and people and told them. "You give me blood, I will give you freedom!" With this sentence, he forced the young people to boil the blood again and burned the flame of revolution and freedom in their hearts.

Friends, the ransom of "independent India" was blown up since 1857. Meaning, the campaign to free India from the British started in 1857. But we got this freedom so easily and not the Firangi pityed us and returned our homeland. From 1857 to 1947, after more than 90 years, tireless hard work and hard struggle, we are free from British slavery.

Finally that day has come. To see the day, thousands of great men sacrificed their lives. Lost my family. The day was 15 August 1947, as it was midnight between 14 and 15 August, at which time the whole world slept comfortably; Then Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave a speech in Delhi on that golden occasion of independence. Since then, we have been celebrating Independence Day on August 15.

What do friends mean by independence? Independence means. Do not depend on anyone. Live according to your mind, feel free to breathe in the open air. Always think and strive for the development of your country and country.

Since we became independent, our country is touching new steps of day-to-day elevation. He is hoisting his tricolor all over the world and in every region. Finally, after so many years of slavery and oppression, today our India has become a free, developing and righteous country.

My beloved child-friends, going on and going, recite two lines, I give my speech a full stop.

Will never allow freedom
The sacrifices of the martyrs will not be allowed to go rogue (2)
There is only one drop of blood left
Till then the Mother of India will not let the stage be auctioned!

Jai Hind! Jai Hindostan!


Independence Day Speech In English (2)

My greetings to the honorable chief guest, respected teacher, guardian and all my dear friends! First of all, congratulations for your Independence Day. Today is a great, special and golden day in the day and for all Indians. We have been present here to celebrate this great national festival.

My dear friends, exactly 73 years before today, i.e. 15 August 1947, the golden day when an unfortunate former era came to an end. A country that was tolerating the oppression of foreigners on its own land. Those who ruled not one or two whole country for the last two years and ran their rule and rule. But many revolutionaries ended this era by sacrificing themselves.

This story started from then on. When India was known as a golden bird. Friends, to see this golden bird, many Europeans put their feet on this land under the pretext of country trade. But, there was also a country in them which brought a sense of fraud in mind.

The name of that country is England. Which is known as British. In the early days, that is, when the British came to India. Then only the people of our country came to understand the customs, traditions and trade. But, as the days passed, the number of British coming to India was increasing. Gradually, that assassin, army and officers came to India.
At that time there was a monarchy in India. Going ahead, the British understood. That, brotherhood is very much in India. There is a desire to get power and territory. Taking advantage of this nature, Agranjo made one king fight with another king. This was his diplomacy behind it. That when the two fight with each other, their military power will be reduced. And by doing this, Firangio destroyed unity first and made it weak.

Shortly afterwards, the British began to show their true form. Slowly, the Firangi flag went to each state. Immediately, the British took control of India. Now they started oppressing Indian citizens. He started doing inhuman acts with them. The tax of our farmers and the property of the country went to England and developed their homeland.

Their misdeeds and atrocities were increasing. Which was impossible to bear. That is why from the year 1857, the bugle of freedom movements rang. But India could not become independent due to some reasons.

But the great men and independent fighters of our country had already taken a vow to free India from the Firangi. As if they were fighting destiny. Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Sukhdev, Lokmanya Tilak, Rajguru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Due to the tireless hard work and sacrifices of great men, I am giving a speech here today. And we are all breathing freedom in the open air.

Friends started fighting in freedom from 1857, finally ended on 15 August 1947. When the whole world was sleeping. Then the first Prime Minister of our country, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave a speech. Since then, we celebrate today's day as "Independence Day".

Having said that, I make my speech full stop. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Conclusion: Friends, today I have shared you speech on this Independence Day. I hope you liked this speech on Independence Day. I will request you That on this happy occasion, you will definitely comment below like Jai Hind.
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