Class 10 IT Web Application (Basics) Kips Solution

Class 10 IT Web Application (Basics) Kips Solution

UNIT-II Web Application (Basics)

Class 10 IT Web Application (Basics) Kips Solution

Session 1: Working With Accessibility Options 

Assessment Time:
     A.Multiple Choice Questions:
4.Window Key + U
5.Recognize multiple keys pressed as a single key press
6.To reduce eye strain
7.StartAll programsAccessoriesEase of AccessEase Of Access  Center
8.Maximizing or minimizing the particular area
9.Mouse Pointer
     10. Magnifier

      B. Fill In the blanks: 
1.Ease of access
2.Color Inversion
3.Control panel
4.Impaired Vision
5.Windows logo key and Plus sign
6.Shortcut keys
7.Windows logo key+ Esc
9.Ease of Access
11.Text Tuning
12.Sound Sentry

C.State True or False:
D.Answer the following questions:

1.The most common disabilities for which Windows 7 provides solutions are:
i.Visual Impairment
ii.Hearing Impairment
iii.Physical/Motor Impairment
iv.Learning Disabilities

2.One method of starting Accessibility settings are:
i.From Start Menu by clicking on StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesEase Of accessEase Of Access center.

3.High contrast amplifies the colour contrast of some text and images on the computer screen to reduce eye strain and make the items more distinct
            and easier to identify. This helps the people with poor vision to see in a                 much better way if the display is set to high contrast.

4.We can manage the settings of Mouse or other pointing devices for the  people specially having visual diTurning on mouse keys enables a user to  use a numeric keypad instead of mouse to move the mouse pointer. The  speed of acceleration of cursor can also be Increased or decreased, while  using the keypad to control the mouse.

5.A toggle key is a key that is used to turn a function on or off, or to switch  between two functions. Examples of toggle keys are the caps lock key,  number lock key and scroll lock key whereas in case of sticky keys , Instead  of having to press three keys at once for e.g. the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys  together to log on to Window, user can use one key by turning on Sticky  Keys and adjusting the settings. This key is known as modifier key and it  remains active until another key is pressed.

6.While using the computer narrator option besides reading the text on the  screen aloud , also describes some system events such as error messages,  notifications etc. Microsoft Narrator dialog box can activated by clicking  on Start Narrator from the Ease of Access Center.

7.The five sections in which the questions are asked for recommended  settings are:

8.Short Note on
i.Filter Keys: Turning on filter keys will make the computer recognize  multiple key presses as a single key press. Setting filter keys are
useful in the situations of trembling hands, stiffness of joints,  difficulty in pressing keys on the keyboard(as instead of single press  of the key they may press it more than once).
ii.Setting up High Contrast: High contrast amplifies the color contrast
of some text and images on the computer screen to reduce eye  strain and makes the Items more distinct and easier to Identify.

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Session 2: Networking Fundamentals 

Assessment Time:
           A. Multiple choice questions:
1. MAN
2. Protocols
3. Mesh
4. Bus
5. All of these
6. Internet protocols
7. Modem
8. Dial Up
9. Packet

B. Fill in the blanks:
1. Virus
2. Security
3. Transmission control protocol
4. Wireless fidelity
5. Supplier, consumer
6. Wi-Fi hotspot
7. Mesh
8. Computer
9. Repeater

C. State True or False:
1. True
2. False
3. False
4. True
5. True
6. False
7. False
8. True
9. True

D. Answer the following questions:

1. An antenna (aerial) on the roof picks up radio waves from the transmitter.
With satellite TV, the signals come from a satellite dish mounted on the
wall or roof. The incoming signal is carrying picture and sound for more
than one station which can be viewed on TV screen.

2. A repeater simply copies the information arriving at its Input and
retransmits as it from the output. This is required in the case when the
Network signal is weakened or distorted over a long distance . These
distorted signals are regenerated and retransmitted by the repeater.
Whereas router is a Network device , which routes the Information around the network. It is also used to connect one network to another network.

3. Though both the topologies (Hybrid and Tree) are combination of two or more topologies but advantages of Hybrid topologies over tree topologies are that, in Hybrid Topology the existing networks are combined together by adding the necessary hardware , which makes Hybrid technology easy to implement , maintain as well as scale up. Where as in Tree topology normally the star figured workstations are connected to a linear Bus backbone, a situation of cable failure I n one of the star network will isolate the workstation that is linked to central computer of that star network. Hence, in tree topology expansion of network is easy but maintaince is very difficult

4. Hub is known as dumb switches because it transmits rather broadcast the received Information to all the devices that are connected to Network.

5. The name of various Internet connection are as follows:
i. Dial up connection
ii. Digital Subscriber line(DSL)
iii. Cable Internet
iv. Satellite Connection
v. 3Gor 4G Systems
vi. Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)
vii. Worlds Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access(WiMax)
viii. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Dial Up connection: These types of connection uses telephone line
and are not preferred these days as they are very slow. This
connection allows the user to do only one work at a time.
Digital Subscriber Line: This connection also uses telephone line
but it transfers the data at a much higher speed. A DSL filter
removes the high frequency interference thus enabling
simultaneous use of the telephone and data transmission.

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Session 3: Introduction To Instant Messaging

Assessment Time:
     A. Multiple choice questions:
1. ICQ
2. IM
3. I seek you
4. Both of these
5. Web Based
6. Options

B. Answer the following questions:

1. Instant messaging is a real time communication with the user at the other end. Most Instant messengers use client server model where messages from the user are first sent to the server and then forwarded to the intended client. Advantages of Instant Messaging are as follows:

i. It is faster than any other mode of communication.
ii. Users can connect to IM regardless of their location.
iii. Multiple users can communicate through a virtual conference.
iv. Users can not only send messages but can attach and exchange
electronic files such as images, audio, video and textual documents.
Users can even chat face to face with friends/business clients.
v. Users can not only share text but communicate through audio/
video or can even share their location , which helps in navigation.

2. Name of Instant Messaging Software are:

1. ICQ(I SEEK YOU) from Mirabilis- launched in year 1996
2. Google hangout developed by Google- launched in year 2013

3. Features of Google hangout which has made the app popular are:

i. HD video calls.
ii. Voice Calls.
iii. Instant Messaging.
iv. HD Group Conferencing for up to 15 people.
v. Auto Screen Focus.
vi. Intelligent Muting.
vii. Compatibility with multiple computing devices.
viii. Built-in screen sharing.

4. Name of some web based Instant messaging services are:
i. eBuddy
ii. Yahoo! Messenger for Web
iii. Windows Live Web Messenger

C. Application based questions:

1. Aditya will use Instant Messaging services , because it is real time
communication method through which he can communicate and take the feedback Instantly.

2. By sharing his location with his friends.

3. He can mute the conversation from Messaging App.

4. Anil can join without a Google account using the meeting URL, if allowed. Guests without an account can present and participate in the video call, but other features, such as text chat and Hangout apps will not be available to him.

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Session 4: Chatting With A Contact

Assessment Time:
        A. Multiple choice questions:
1. Draw an Image
2. Video Calling
3. Both

B. Fill In the Blank:
1. Compose New Message
2. Hangout
3. Help

C. State True or False:
1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. True

D. Answer the following questions:

1. If the user is not having existing Yahoo account even then user can sign in the Yahoo Messenger by simply registering their phone number and the getting the respective Account Key for confirmation , just to confirm that they are authenticate user to use this service.

2. Picture can be send by clicking on Picture Icon in Hangout windows. These pictures can be either simply drawn by the user or even Emoticons or Stickers can also be added to the message by clicking on the Add an Emoji Sticker Icon.

3. Five rules that must be followed while using Instant Messengers are:
i. Always Introduce yourself by name if your screen name does not
reflect it.
ii. Always ask for the availability of the other person for chatting
regardless of the fact that how important your message is.
iii. Start the message with short greeting.
iv. Message should be short and precise.
v. Do not keep the persons waiting for your response.

4. Profile picture in Hangouts can be changed by clicking on the icon Change your Profile Picture under the option button. In Change Profile Picture Dialog Box user can select the photo from the computer and then click the option button set as profile picture.

5. To send messages from the Google Hangouts:
i. From the Hangout Interface click on the contact to which you wish
to send the message.
ii. Clicking on the contact will open up the screen where the past
conversation with this contact will be displayed.
iii. The bottom section of the window allows the user to type a
message to that contact.
iv. Pressing the enter key will help in delivering the message
v. Pictures can also be send along with the message by clicking on
Picture Icon

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Session 5: Creating And Publishing Web Pages 


Assessment Time:
      A. Multiple choice questions:
1. Both
2. Activate
3. Visual
4. Payment Button
5. 3 GB

B. Fill in the blanks:
1. Categories and Tags
2. Plug-ins
3. Contact Form
4. Write
5. Host

C. State True or False
1. True
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. True

D. Answer the following questions:

1. Three important points to be kept in mind while writing the blog are:
i. Understand your target audience. Have a clear understanding of
their Interest and what do they want to know about.
ii. Always an engaging topic and then Interesting Title as a prominent
headline and entering opening statement is the key to attract
iii. Before posting the Blog , make sure to edit/proofread your post and
fix your formatting.

2. DNS is an Internet service that translates domain name into IP (Internet
Protocol) and enables communication between your computer and the
server so that anyone can find the blog on Internet by just typing the
domain name.

3. While choosing a Blog name , one should keep in mind that the address should be common and short so that user can easily remember the address. Moreover the address should be related to the subject of the Blog.

4. The difference between posts and pages are as follows.:
Posts are the entries that displayed in reverse chronological order on your home page .Posts usually have comment fields beneath them and are included in your site's RSS feed. They are basically the moving contents of any Blog. Whereas Pages are similar to posts, but there are some key differences. Pages are for content that that doesn’t change very much. They are basically static content. Pages are for “non-blog” content. If you were to remove all of your blog posts, and leave just the pages, you would have a standard static web site. Pages cannot be associated with Categories and cannot be assigned Tags. Pages are not included in your site's RSS feed.

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Session 6: Using Offline Blog Editors

Assessment Time:
       A. Multiple choice questions:
1. Internet connection
2. See and Get
3. Wordpress
4. Edit
5. Home

B. Identify these pictures and name the offline editor application:
1. Window live writer
2. BlogDesk
3. Thingamblog
4. Qumana
5. Scribefire

C. State True or false
1. False
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. True

D. Answer the following questions:

1. Insert tab has the command to Insert hyperlinks, videos, pictures , tables and emoticons.
i. Name of few offline editor applications are:
ii. Window live writer
iii. BlogDesk
iv. Thingamblog
v. Qumana
vi. Scribefire

2. WYSIWYG is the way of designing documents so that text and images are displayed on the screen during editing in a way that corresponds exactly to its appearance when displayed as finished product.

3. Offline editors help to publish multiple Blogs quickly as it is easier to
switch from one Blog to another.

4. Few advantages of offline editors are as follows:
i. Offline Blog editors are faster than the online Blog editors.
ii. While using an offline Blog Editor , user has the backup copy of the
post on the hard drive.
iii. Offline editors provide the settings for images , videos and links
iv. These editors provide facility to add tags and categories directly.
v. Offline editors let you post your article directly to your blog or post
as a draft.

5. Previewing the post means once the blog is written, to vie its settings
before finally publishing it on net whereas Edit view Tab is used to
compose the post actually.

6. The Blog account tab actually allows the user to quickly view the site , access the dash board or manage the comments that visitors have made about the Blog Post.

7. Steps to configure Windows Live Writer are:
i. Download Windows Live Writer from Microsoft Corporation site.
ii. Click on Download Now button
iii. Once the software is downloaded , It needs to be installed as
1. Double click on the wlsetup-all icon. The message box
appears asking for permission to Install. Click on Yes.
2. Click on Install all of Windows Essentials options from the
Windows Essential 2012 dialog Box
3. Once the Installation is complete , click on the close button.

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Session 7: Online Transactions

Assessment Time:
        A. Fill In the blanks:
1. E-commerce
2. Online shopping/E-Shopping
3. Live Reservations
4. Electronic Data Exchange

B. State True Or False:
1. True
2. False
3. False

C. Answer the following questions:

1. The process of buying or selling products online over the Internet is called E-Shopping or Online Shopping. The benefits of online shopping are:
i. Convenience
ii. Information and Reviews
iii. Price and Selection
iv. No compulsive shopping

2. E-reservation means making a reservation or appointment for a service via Internet.

3. Benefits of E-reservations are:
i. Accessible anywhere
ii. Cost cutting
iii. Commission free
iv. Quick system
v. Changes and cancellations
vi. Customer reviews
vii. Safe and reliable

Application areas of E-reservations are:

I. Hotel reservations
II. Travel Ticket reservations
III. Movie Tickets reservations
IV. Events reservations
V. Sports/Matches reservations

4. Free shipping means that shipping cost is not added to the cost of product, which is ultimately to the customer’s advantage.

5. No compulsive shopping means that user buys the product at his will and as per his choice anytime and anywhere as there are no salesman around , doing hard selling and Influencing the customers to buy.

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Session 8: Internet Security

Assessment Time:
        A. State True or False:
1. True
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. True
6. False
7. True
8. True
9. False

B. Fill in the Blanks:
1. History
2. Security risk
3. Letters, Numbers and special characters
4. Pen drive
5. Software’s
6. Encrypted
7. Automatically

C. Answer the following questions:

1. The Action Center is a feature in Windows 7 that monitors various security and maintenance-related items on your computer. It helps you keep your computer up to date and notifies you when there is an issue without constantly nagging you, as in previous versions of Windows.

2. The four zones that are available under the security Tab are:
i. Install Windows updates automatically
ii. View Installed Spyware Program
iii. Internet security
iv. User Account Control

3. The User Account control setting (UAC) feature prevents from
unauthorized changes to the computer.

4. Back can either be taken on External hard drive or to any of the partition of the hard drive of the system.

5. The files used on a web page are downloaded and stored on the computer to ensure quick access if the same file is accessed later on.

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