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Class 10 IT SpreedSheet (Intermediate) Kips Solution

Class 10 IT Spreadsheet (Intermediate) Kips Solution
Unit -4 Spreadsheet (Intermediate)

Session 1: Using AutoSum in Cells
Assessment Time
A. Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Autosum 2. Dashed Border
B. State True or False 1. False 2. True 3. False 4. True 5. True
C. Answer the following questions: 1. The steps to find out total range of cell using Autosum are as follows: i. Type the figures to be calculated in spreadsheet. ii. Click on Autosum function in the editing group of Home Tab. iii. The cell with dashed border will depict the formula along with auto selected range. iv. Press enter to display the final result.
2. Under the function library group of formula tab Auto sum option is present.
3. Some of the functions that can be performed using Autosum are Sum, Average, Count, Max., Min.
Session: 2- Conditional formatting
Assessment Time